Do not let anybody convict you cannot do something

We all know that famous saying “sky is the limit” and we know that even more famous that we do not believe in that, which is not that surprising because we are constantly surrounded by professional demotivates. You cannot enroll in dance school, because you are too late, but I finished two grades in one year and finished it. You cannot learn for the exam the evening before, but half of the exams are learned the night before.

There are people, who tell us that we cannot do anything because we are too ordinary, because we are too fat, because we are too ugly, because we are too lazy, and these people are poisonous to us, no matter how beautiful, educated, charming, tall, blue-eyed or funny they are.

When Shakira wanted to join the singing choir as a kid, her demotivate told her she could not be part of his fairy angelic choir because it sounds like a goat. On one side, Dostoyevsky talked about how "all the ideals of the world are not worth the tears of one child". But on the other this gentleman demotivate that told a little girl: "I will not receive you in my angelic choir of exquisite talents because you sound like a goat, go back to your barn and away from my talented group."  I do not know where the heart is of someone to tell a girl that she "sounds like a goat", but what Shakira could do is surely get rid of Mr. demotivate with her horns and all fours go home and never talk or even sing anymore; Instead, Shakira is today - Shakira. Shakira who is one of the most famous singer in the world, Shakira, whose choreography for Waka -Waka few who do not know and few people have not danced in local taverns during the football championship, even if they have two left feet. That Shakira because of which I was barely awaiting to learn belly dance, Shakira, who stole Pique, but this trophy was deserved and good luck to her.

Oprah was fired as a journalist with the simple explanation that she was not good enough. What Oprah could do is lock herself into her four walls, lose the compass and knit coats with the names of her 78 cats. Today Oprah is – Oprah. That Oprah during each episode I had to cry because I was not in the studio, and she just gave half of the planets to everyone in the audience.

Michael Jordan was kicked out of a high school basketball team because he was not good enough. When I hear that, I stop and wonder what they would say when they saw me as I missed a garbage bin from a distance of zero meters every third time. This is not good enough, not Michael Jordan.

Actresses Kate Winslet have said she will not succeed because she has large feet and because she looks like a sausage in a net, but after Titanic she flouted out literally. True, we will never forgive her that she did not make room for Leo on this board so that he would survive and choose to break hearts of all of us in front of small screens, but the medal for perseverance and courage we ought to give her. Frothy two  fashion agents, before becoming the best-selling model in the world, and before Alexander McQueen discovered her, rejected Gisele Bundchen. If she did not have the strength nor the will to stand in fort of forty-third in a row, today might sell burgers and reluctantly assured customers that the meat that they put in the same burgers are not three times thawed remains of remains from some wedding three years ago and that she has not spit inside because she hates what she does.

They told actress Meryl Streep that she was too ugly to succeed, after which she did not get a job as a mascot because someone thinks she is not beautiful. But she continued to do what she likes and that is why she today, in addition to the film, can afford Prada in reality, and not the kind of fake Prada what I bought on the street in Barcelona for 15 euros but a genuine Prada.

Walt Disney was told he was not good enough because he was nor creative. When I installed the internet in my apartment in Zagreb and when a service man, who came to activate the network, asked how my network will be called, I said after short considerations: “Network” Well that is not creative, not Walt Disney.

We were thought in school to listen to advice from those who passed the exams, not those who did not or did not even tried and talked it is impossible. The day lasts twenty-four hours, to me, to you, to Beyoncé, it lasts twenty-four hours to Shakira, your aunt, grandmother, and it lasts that long to your teacher and to your parents. It lasts that long even to that boy who did  not managed to text you today and even to that boy who texted you five times today.

What I am going to do these days in my hometown is drink coffee whit people who motivate me, with that school friend who was happier than I was when I started this blog, which is a rare occasion among women. I am going to drink coffee with my husband who constantly warns me to write the bestseller that will change the world and with my mom who is convinced that I will publish that book, because my limit is the sky.
As Croatian writer Julijana Matanovich wrote: “Remember, the world began to go to hell the moment told dear people that we did not have time to drink coffee with them" because they, it the words of the same author, "on whose shoulders we become better people" .


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