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A letter to my mom...

Mom, I would like to tell you that I am starting to understand you.
After the initial wave of happiness when you found out I was coming to you, you were overwhelmed by fear. Only a few hours after you found out that beside yours, another heart was beating, you were caught up with the magic of maternal care. You were worried if whether I'm developing properly, if I am getting weight, if you are eating enough nutrients, if you were nervous too much and if that affects me. You asked old acquaintances not to sneeze in your direction because, as you have said, you hide your pearl in yourself – and you are in fact hiding me, mom.You did not like morning crowds on the way to work. In silence you would automatically put a bag in front of you and all this, again, to protect me. All your strength was collected and left you in pain, Mom, when I saw the light of day. And that was only a drop in the sea of fears that in that moment you didn’t even think about.  Your biggest concern was whether …

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