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Do you dream dreams bigger than life – and why the hell not?

You do not dream:

Because you live in Croatia?

Because the success that you wish for, no one near you has ever achieved?

Because you listen to 'I just want well for you' destructive tips?

Because after fifteen life happened and you are not sure of yourself as you were in your childhood?

Because what you want, is not 'here'?

Because your dreams do not match the phone numbers for your uncles or friends?

Because deep down you know that for dreams you need to eat shit when on the second, more secure plate they is caviar mixed with nepotism as a temporary existential solution?

Because you are stuck in your reality systems that draws you to the bottom every day?

Because you know, it is hard to stand alone in the mediocrity crowd when you can find someone to have your back?

The above written sentences are excuses and justifications why you cannot dream. Why not, one day when
we invest all of our physical and mental resources, become what we dreamed of when we were kids?


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