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„Shine on you crazy diamond, you little star“

This is not a special year in itself. This is just the calendar turned. Therefore, if you think that this year it will make you happy, I will bet that today, the third week of this year, you slowly doubt it. I am telling you that the year by itself does not carry a magic wand. Even better, because if this year had a magic wand, it would scared you at the end. Fearing, does not the next one carry some kind of fatal wand? Because they convinced you that after laughing, there was crying. Do not trust them. Well, sure, if you want nice packaging, feel free to use the story of the all-new, fresh year. Which really gives you the empty days. The brush of the new year is in your hand. You are the one who is painting it. You choose colors, themes, and notes that you will paint in it. You will find some days that in which it will surprise you, maybe you will not like it. Do not despair; it would not give you a blank canvas, a brush in your hand, and an opportunity to paint at all if it doubted …

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