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Do you dream dreams bigger than life – and why the hell not?

You do not dream:

Because you live in Croatia?

Because the success that you wish for, no one near you has ever achieved?

Because you listen to 'I just want well for you' destructive tips?

Because after fifteen life happened and you are not sure of yourself as you were in your childhood?

Because what you want, is not 'here'?

Because your dreams do not match the phone numbers for your uncles or friends?

Because deep down you know that for dreams you need to eat shit when on the second, more secure plate they is caviar mixed with nepotism as a temporary existential solution?

Because you are stuck in your reality systems that draws you to the bottom every day?

Because you know, it is hard to stand alone in the mediocrity crowd when you can find someone to have your back?

The above written sentences are excuses and justifications why you cannot dream. Why not, one day when
we invest all of our physical and mental resources, become what we dreamed of when we were kids?


Instead of being our self-worst critic, we should be our best support.

Ever since I can remember, I was my own greatest critic. I do not need anyone to control any of my text before sending them in and assessing whether my views are wrong or true. I do not need anyone to tell me that I can do better because I know that I can always do better. If people complimented me about ideas or texts, I would have thought – what is wrong with you, I did it in 15 minutes, is not a big deal. Then I stopped and realized that it was still a big deal.
Then I recently stopped and realized how good and great things I actually did in my life, and I have not stopped and give myself an applause for longer than three seconds, or at all. Like most people who do not. How many situations I have been so strong that I did not even know you could be so strong, that I have not stopped and gave myself an applause of more than three seconds, or at all. Like most people who do not.
I did not stop and gave myself an applause of more than three seconds, or at all, for that I, even today,…

Who forbid you to be you?

In the same day, two different people answer me the same wat to the asked question: “I am doing this and that. To make my day go faster. Just to make time fly by.” The emotion behind that answer is: “I am waiting for my life to pass by. Because it is full of crap. However, I do have to live it anyway. So, I am waiting behind some stupid actions for death to come and save me.”I do not want to say I do not rest and be lazy. O, you would not believe how I can be lazy and do nothing. In my case, I call that recharging my batteries, or simple enjoyment. I just recently had some two gloomy days where I was unbearable to myself. Therefore, I was looking for anything to get me out of that intolerance.Therefore, I found some great song and I think I had listen to it for a million and a half times. So I started to dance. (You know I love to dance). And here I became more bearable, remembering that life was really brilliant. It was not life’s fault, it was my own. I was unbearable to myself. Li…