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Do not let yourself stop before you go

A few months ago, I began a mind game with myself, and it's called Define what you're scared of. Every day I take ten minutes and think about what I'm afraid except of Scorpius, and I add some fears to that list. At first they were typical human fears - loss of vision, hearing and memory. I am not afraid of my own death because I'll be dead anyway and it will definitely be worse for those who stay behind me.
My fear lies in panic thinking that one day I will forget who I am, what I have been doing so far, who are the people who made my life special. I thinking what if I can no longer plug headphones into my ears and boost my Paradise City feeling like I'm sixteen and thinking what if I do not remember one what I have been experiencing while waiting for those movie moments that I thought were only possible in the heads of creative scriptwriters.What if one day my tattoos remain just a symbol of a time !?
These are all assumptions that if one day, and yet at times we f…

Do not let anybody convict you cannot do something

We all know that famous saying “sky is the limit” and we know that even more famous that we do not believe in that, which is not that surprising because we are constantly surrounded by professional demotivates. You cannot enroll in dance school, because you are too late, but I finished two grades in one year and finished it. You cannot learn for the exam the evening before, but half of the exams are learned the night before.
There are people, who tell us that we cannot do anything because we are too ordinary, because we are too fat, because we are too ugly, because we are too lazy, and these people are poisonous to us, no matter how beautiful, educated, charming, tall, blue-eyed or funny they are.
When Shakira wanted to join the singing choir as a kid, her demotivate told her she could not be part of his fairy angelic choir because it sounds like a goat. On one side, Dostoyevsky talked about how "all the ideals of the world are not worth the tears of one child". But on the ot…

Opinion is like an ass, everybody has it

I have noticed recently how public people and people who have blogs, columns, and other media have a good idea of writing something on the topic "opinion is like a ass, everyone has it". Was it not a little hypocritical that those individuals would say that one's opinion is completely irrelevant to their existence, of course only if it is not the same as theirs! If they really think that, I beg them to turn off their "blog as an ass ..." and withdraw into the anonymous quarters where nobody is interested in their narrative thinking about an opinion. I really should have finished this column because these sentences perfectly summed up everything I wanted to write this week, but what would be the world when you could not express your opinion? What would be the quality of communication if it were always packed in beautiful words while holding the pussy in the pocket behind your back? How can we differentiate what is good, if we do not know what is bad? To me it is grea…

Did the holidays meet your expectations?

For years, I have not been living for certain dates and I do not spend weeks or months waiting for a birthday, Christmas or Valentine's Day. Not because these days you realize that time goes by and that six of this-will-be-mine -year calendar went by, and red dates smeared on the leaves of those same calendars went as if they were not red.
It always seemed to me that those days that we are all so loudly counting through the internet and advents calendars would stop the world for a moment. When these days come, all hungry will get a pot of French salad or at least a basket of bread.All too loud will be a little quiet, too quiet will speak out; the world will declare holidays for just about everyone. All the sick will be released from the hospital, all the children will laugh in their warm bed covered with a grandmother's quilt, the fluffy one under which you wake up in the same position where you are and sleep. That the crime will be stopped, unicorns will drive instead of taxis…