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„Shine on you crazy diamond, you little star“

This is not a special year in itself. This is just the calendar turned. Therefore, if you think that this year it will make you happy, I will bet that today, the third week of this year, you slowly doubt it. I am telling you that the year by itself does not carry a magic wand. Even better, because if this year had a magic wand, it would scared you at the end. Fearing, does not the next one carry some kind of fatal wand? Because they convinced you that after laughing, there was crying. Do not trust them. Well, sure, if you want nice packaging, feel free to use the story of the all-new, fresh year. Which really gives you the empty days. The brush of the new year is in your hand. You are the one who is painting it. You choose colors, themes, and notes that you will paint in it. You will find some days that in which it will surprise you, maybe you will not like it. Do not despair; it would not give you a blank canvas, a brush in your hand, and an opportunity to paint at all if it doubted …

Goodbye and hello

Most of us ended up with one and the beginning of next year in preparing new year's decisions, setting goals, and reflecting on whether or not they have achieved their goals so far. This year I have decided to reverse some sort of order and not look at what I'm not, but only what I am. So I decided to write a letter to myself. A script that is distinctly different from those letters that I have written in my head all these past years of my life. And never wrote. If I had, it would be a letter, in the sense that you could have been better and you could be more. This year I feel significantly different. The following is a letter to me in connection with the year that is already over. Dear I, it's been another year of our trip. I look forward to the next one with you. But first and foremost, I want to thank you for the last year. Thank you for every moment of which you, and when it was worst, pulled the best. Thank you to each of our fall this year, and especially for getting u…

Bubble bread

This bread is great for kids and those cold winter nights when you just want to have a warm cup of tea, a cuddle blanket and a house full of fresh baked bread smell. It is easy to make and it will last you a few days, if you keep it in a paper bag covered with a cotton cloth.
Ingredients:  500 g or 18 oz of plain flower1 bag of dried yeasHalf of the cup of sour cream100 ml or 3,38 oz of oil200 ml or 7,76 oz of water or milk1,5 tea spoon of salt1 tea spoon of sugar
Preparation: Melt the yeas, sugar and 1 spoon of flower in a little bit of warm milk or water. Leave in a warm place to activate the yeast.I a deep bowl mix the flower and saltWarm the rest of the milk (water) together with the oil and mix in the sour cream. The mixture should be lukewarm.Add the activated yeas to the flower together with the milk (water), oil and sour cream mixture and make a dough.Transfer the dough on the work surface and work on it until it does not stick to the surface. Return the dough to the bowl, cove…