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Everybody has bad days and that is ok.

After the rainy days, a sunny day came up. Then shit happened. I got an allergic rash on my face. "What do I do now?" Otherwise, I must put the powder and cover that rash when I leave the house. It does not matter to me personally; I accept myself with it. Just as I know it does not define me in any one view. I put it exclusively for other people. Not to answer questions and not to let me ... "Wait, wait," follows the inner monologue. "You do not want to put the powder on the face and you look forward to leaving the house, but you will harass and yourself and your husband while you put the powder because of other people." This voice in my head can sometimes be wise, and I realize it's right about this situation. I step outside without foundation, rash kilometric-scale on-site. Without any discomfort associated with physical appearance. It only bothers me because in moments the rash is really tremendously painful. I go into a local store and face the s…