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Homemade cherry liqueur – a perfect Christmas gift for your friends

As you can guess this year I have chosen to make my family and friends homemade Christmas gifts that they can either eat or drink. On my blog there are already two recipes for delicious jams that can double as perfect Christmas gifts for your love ones.
This receipt I got form a very special aunt that has been making it for years. I never make any other that this one, I stick to a bullet proof receipt that is easy to make and the result is a brilliant, fine and fragrant cherry liqueur.
I bring you a recipe for a smaller amount, if you want more than one liter, just increase the ingredients. If you have a homemade plum brandy, use it, it is the best type of brandy for all homemade liqueurs. Instead of homemade brandy you can use other alcohol drinks, like vodka, especially if is cherry flavored vodka. You can prepare this simple recipe in your backyard, in the apartment, in the home - there is not much mess and really does not take much time. Enjoy!
2 kg of cherries with seed…

The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton

Hello reads and book lovers. As you have guessed by now I am a huge fan of reading and books. For a long time I wanted to write a book review, but I couldn’t choose which book I should review. And today it hit me as I am reading one of the, in my opinion, best books that was ever written in the modern age. Also I am reading it for the second time.

The Miniaturist is truly a world literary sensation. It really surprised me. I bought it because I was really interested in what was so good in that book. And then it “shook” me good, but in a positive sense. With the certainty I can say, I've never read anything like this. This is something really special. I was looking for a good word to describe this book, and I think "unexpectedly" described it perfectly. The Miniaturist is really something new in literature, something completely marvelous. When I took The Miniaturist in my hands, I did not know what to expect and how it would eventually turn out. Mostly, when you read any…

Quince and apple jam that smells like Christmas

This quince and apple jam is like an ode to the end of autumn and beginning of winter. It is full blown quince and apple season and as the weather is getting cooler and the first frost is approaching we do not have much time to eat them all. As I really do not like to throw fruit, food in general, I often choose to cook marmalade.
That is how I came to an idea to cook a jam from quinces and apples, but not one that is ordinary and common, but the one that is full of fragrance and smells like gingerbread and cinnamon.  I've already imagined a snowy winter morning, warm coffee, toasted crunchy bread, butter and this marmalade. I cannot wait. To tell you the truth I already had it this morning for breakfast because I could not wait to try how it turned out.
I cooked this marmalade last night in an hour, including sterilizing jars. Wondering how? - by using Dr. Oetker Extra Gelling Sugar 2 in 1 or for you that are in USA it is jam sugar.  My husband was out and honestly I was bored and…

You only have today….

When I was a kid, it seemed that the real life started when you start elementary school. When you get the first class schedule, your first official assignment schedule, and then when you learn a multiplication table, and that is going to be like reaching the top of the world in your highest and thinnest high heels, but then they told me I was just ridiculous because the real life will start when I start high school. When I started high school I thought this is it because I am now a big girl who goes to a big school and who, like Blair Waldorf, can sit on the stairs of the school and drink coffee. Soon I realized that this was not it. When I started collage in a newer and bigger city, I thought I finally reached that best life time, but then they told me that it was nothing because the real life is when you have a job and you had a full pay (if you ever succeed finding a job) because then you can afford a lot more than you can afford as a “poor” student. When I started my first paying …

You are enough...

Now, listen to me carefully. And remember. Let this be carved into every pore of your being.
If they say you're too loud, do not believe them. The ones who say that do not know how to let their own voice out so they are bothered by yours.
If they say you're too quiet, do not believe it. That's what they say because they cannot hear from the noise of their own distorted importance.
If they tell you that you're not normal because you have a different opinion from theirs, do not believe them. It mostly those who did not have an opinion, but live by what others perceive as normal. Thank them nicely, let them continue to be normal and someone else's. And you stay "crazy" and yours.
They say you're too "difficult" to love, understand them. This will tell you those who are cannot love themselves, less alone you. They are cowards, persecuted by themselves. . Because love is never and cannot be too difficult. If you are “difficult” to love for someone, …

Croatian god Mars

One of the reasons I started this blog was to introduce you to my country Croatia and to show you what a beautiful, mess up country it is. And to do that I have to talk about what had happened to Croatia in the nineties. In the nineties a war had begun in Croatia. I was only five years old and about to become a big sister. My dad had enlisted in the army to protect my mother, me and my unborn brother from the people who invaded Croatia. The war begun for one reason and that was that Croats wanted out from Yugoslavia and wanted their own independent country. Not to bore you with dry facts, I wanted to share one of my literary works from high school on the topic “Croatian god Mars” (Mars is the god of war in roman mythology). On this day, November 18th, in the year 1991 one of the biggest war crimes was committed in an old and beautiful city of Vukovar. There is an Amarican movie about a woman who goes looking for her husband in the Croatian war that talks about Vukovar. The movie is ca…

Tuna steak with gnocchi in butter squash sauce

Because people asked for it on the Instagram :)

Ingredients for two people:
2 fresh medium tuna steaks 1 pack of gnocchi (if you make it yourself it will be better)
Butter squash sauce:
Half of butter nut squash 1 spoon of mayo 1 spoon of sour cream 2dlc of cooking cream 4 cloves of garlic
Half of spoon of mustard Half of spoon of ground sweet paprika Soy sauce Salt and pepper 1 spoon of Olive Oil Cup of fresh herbs (basil, mint, thyme, rosemary)
Pre-step: Marinate that tune the night before. Marinade: in a cup or a bowl put salt, pepper, olive oil, mustard, sweet ground paprika, soy sauce and fresh herbs (they have to be cut finely),  mix it all together and spread over the tuna steaks. Leave the steaks in the fridge overnight.
1. Cut the butter nut squash in to cubes, put it cooking pot, pour cold water in the pot, add a pinch of salt and cook until tender (about 20 minutes – half an hour)
2. When the butter squash is cooked, drain the water and putt it in a mixer. To the squash add ma…

I won’t keep quiet about harassment of women, you do not either.

While Hollywood is shaken up by one of the biggest scandals in the history of film industry with the main actors Harvey Weinstein and Dustin Hoffman, my blog in-box is shaken up by the genitals of an unknown man.
Category of message requests I avoid in a big circle and do not open it because every time I eagerly wanted to check if any massages were from the people who read my blog I found a few ridiculous, mildly disgusting messages from guys who sends disgusting messages to unknown girls and women.
For example: “Hey sexy…” “Hello babe, you are very sexy….” “Wanna meet up? Netflix and chill?....” – these are a censured versions of a few I have gotten in a past few weeks.
First of all, I wonder how many percentages of women every day receive such messages, which are, to put it mildly, mentally raped, and how many of them do not talk at all with anyone about them.
Another thing that came to my mind was how many women would photograph their intimate parts of the body and send them to unknown …

„He did not mean it like that...“ Sorry but he actually meant it like that….

I do not believe that after this text I will receive a Nobel Prize for significant discoveries in understanding and studying that enigma called the female mind that has been trying to evade since the ancient Egyptians. Because neither women themselves are able to explain the female mind of those moments when she wants something, but she doesn’t want it. But it often seems to me that one of the major problems lies in the sentence: "Maybe he did not think so." Here's why it is necessary to think at least twice before you say that sentence to your friend who has love trouble. Let’s assume the following situation:
The boy decided to break up with the girl because on Thursday he is going to the sea and in the extensive message "Hey, we are breaking up, sorry, it's not because of you, it is because of me," he enclosed a voice message of the verse: "I DO NOT LOVE YOU or ever loved you, to your favorite question here is your answer ... ". Aft…

Princesses and women warriors against Misogyny

Sansa Stark likes lemon biscuits, dresses and stories about brave knights and elegant girls. She is everything a young noblewoman from Westeros should be. She survives in the lion's laver with the Lannister’s, because of which nearly all her family had perished and succeeds in surviving where the elderly and physically stronger than her would have died. Despite this, Sansa Stark is one of the most hated characters in the Game of Thrones. When we talk about empowering female characters from the Song of Ice and Fire, we mention Daenerys, Cersei, Brienne and Sansa’s younger sister Arya Stark, characters who are all more or less resistant to traditional perceptions of women and have characteristics that are often associated with men. Sansa is not like that. Sansa is not as cruel as Joffrey nor depraved as Ramsay Snow – she is polite and feminine, which is why some see her as a weaker figure than other women in the series, and others openly despise her.
"This is what frustrates me,…


Music is my favorite spice of life - I read that sentence in the column by Lana Biondich while I was driving home with headphones on my ears. At that point I started to think about the role of music in my life.
At the end of elementary and early high school I was one of those kids who wrote in the lexicon under the rubric "favorite music / singer / band" the unknown so called Satanic performers for which we wore Converse All Star snickers just like the Guns, System Of A Down, Good Charlotte, Panic! At The Disco, Fall Out Boy, Green Day ...
About the phenomenon of how society looks at people who, even then listened to something unknown and different and, thereby were identified by derogatory nicknames that have nothing to do with common sense, we can write their doctoral dissertations from sociology.
After almost fifteen years now, Converse All Star snickers must have a piece of clothing, especially white because with iPhone they are considered a status symbol,, and those who …

Plum plum, chocolate and rum

Today I was at the Farmers Market and I have to tell you that I am in food heaven.
As the summer ended and autumn began I thought I would give you one receipt how to preserve plums and make summer last even in winter.
A few years ago I got a plum and chocolate jam from a neighbor, it was fine, but it didn’t sit down very well with me, the taste was somehow a bit ordinary and nothing special. Sometime ago I again remembered that taste and I was thinking how to enhance it to be something special.  
This time I was playing with some different flavors and I was thrilled when I added rum to the mix. Rum was the one who won as an aroma. Not all of you like the taste of rum, I'm aware of it, you do not need to use it, you can replace it with a vanilla flavor or just throw it out, because this combination of plums and chocolate is fine on its own.
Jam is really over quickly, 5 kg or 11lb of plums I cooked for only an hour and I got a wonderful creamy jam with small pieces of fruit. I fell …