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Music is my favorite spice of life - I read that sentence in the column by Lana Biondich while I was driving home with headphones on my ears. At that point I started to think about the role of music in my life.
At the end of elementary and early high school I was one of those kids who wrote in the lexicon under the rubric "favorite music / singer / band" the unknown so called Satanic performers for which we wore Converse All Star snickers just like the Guns, System Of A Down, Good Charlotte, Panic! At The Disco, Fall Out Boy, Green Day ...
About the phenomenon of how society looks at people who, even then listened to something unknown and different and, thereby were identified by derogatory nicknames that have nothing to do with common sense, we can write their doctoral dissertations from sociology.
After almost fifteen years now, Converse All Star snickers must have a piece of clothing, especially white because with iPhone they are considered a status symbol,, and those who …

Plum plum, chocolate and rum

Today I was at the Farmers Market and I have to tell you that I am in food heaven.
As the summer ended and autumn began I thought I would give you one receipt how to preserve plums and make summer last even in winter.
A few years ago I got a plum and chocolate jam from a neighbor, it was fine, but it didn’t sit down very well with me, the taste was somehow a bit ordinary and nothing special. Sometime ago I again remembered that taste and I was thinking how to enhance it to be something special.  
This time I was playing with some different flavors and I was thrilled when I added rum to the mix. Rum was the one who won as an aroma. Not all of you like the taste of rum, I'm aware of it, you do not need to use it, you can replace it with a vanilla flavor or just throw it out, because this combination of plums and chocolate is fine on its own.
Jam is really over quickly, 5 kg or 11lb of plums I cooked for only an hour and I got a wonderful creamy jam with small pieces of fruit. I fell …

Happy Saturady


They are my past….. and they are my present….

My third post is about the women that influenced me to be who I am today. The list is not long, but it's powerful.
The first place is shared by two without which my parents would not be and without them I would not exist either. My grandmothers.
First, I'm going to have write about my mom's mom because she is not with us in this world anymore, she is on that other one and it she is watching over us every day. Mom's mom was one of the most powerful women I knew. She gave birth and raised two beautiful and independent children, took care of her grandchildren, baked the finest cakes (she taught me all her culinary secrets) and was full of the wisdom that children need to learn today. Because of her I am my own person with my own thoughts and opinions (it was one of her advice "Honey, always have your own I"). We have had our fights, it was a clash of generation and my crazy hormones in those teen years, but again we loved and respected each other. I inherited fro…

Just dance the dance of life

"And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music." #FriedrichNietzsche
If you enjoy dancing, you just dance, whether someone looks at you or not, is not important, dance is important ... Dance alone is the greatest pleasure.
I often hear "It is not for me," "I have no talent for sports, dance," "I have two left legs," and so on. I do not accept these excuses. It is the escape from yourself and the sense of responsibility to your body. My story is a bit different. As a child I often dreamed of dancing, singing and having fun all around, and I never stopped. My whole life is dancing, I just cannot stop dancing. It's something like "imagine life in the rhythm of dance music". With the first morning coffee I am withdrawn of the pleasant rhythms of salsa and it is a perfect elixir that keeps every cell of my body vital.
Music Has Vibration
I've come to know that music has vibration as w…

A letter to myself....

This is the letter that started it all. A few months ago I was cleaning my stuff form my old house and I cam across a few notebooks with texts I wrote through out the years and I thought I would share it with the world.  This text was written a long time ago, when I was in high school. It was written from my creative writing class, in which my teacher believed I was a lost hope and that I will never became a writer. Maybe she was right and I suck at writing, but that will not stop me to write and express myself through a written word.
“Dear girl! Turn off programs, texts, comments, chronicles, stupidest, black news, and anxieties against the world, which assure you that we are irreversibly sinking like a ship without a captain who escaped the first moment his nostrils caught a breath of decay.
Turn off everything that tells you that a husband killed his wife on the terrace while drinking a cocktail in the summer evening like he was killing a dreadful mosquito. Shut the neighbors' co…