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Why are you afraid to stand out!?

The other day I read a column about fashion copy-paste trend in which withdrew parallels that all women are "equal in their diversity". In fact, it is not a problem in one piece of cloth that most fashion addict will wear, but where I see the challenge facing every other person is a re-examination on which side to "belong": fashionable for some Danish, Swedish, Chinese beauty of life while fleeing from Croatian dystopia because Denmark was until now only seen on postcards, but it is modern to be criticized for everything that has to do with the mainstream and everyone only takes from life what only fits you.
In this case, I take the third philosophy into focus.
Philosophy: I live and I create my own rules of my own life.
I believe that we all want to live the way we visualize it in our heads without any limitation of the circumstances, the limitation from the people whowish us well only when we do not stand out and we are not exploiting the maximum of our potentia…

Does the women have to become a bitch to be successful?

Should a woman become a bitch to achieve goals?
In a society where I live naming a women bitch leaves a negative connotation because it is common opinion that she is the one who exploits others and chooses no means to get what she wants or she is considered the one who exploits men.
In another context, the bitch is a woman who has power and dominance in the business world.
Is the notion of bitch just reducing the independence and emancipation of a woman?
At the beginning, there was the women's magazine and I really like women's magazines. But the more I read them the more I ask myself what we serve and to what extent. Most of the journals and the portal today that women are reading serve us fashion articles, then beauty and fitness, and finally about male-female relationships.
Perhaps my attitude is too radical, but as I sorted the columns in them, I believe that they subconsciously are leading in the direction: when you …